Putting the Stereotypical Notion of a Tightwad on its Tush

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Modern Tightwad is about graciously building wealth through thrift, while putting the stereotypical notion of a “tightwad” on its tush. We’re not cheap, stodgy, or unkind. We just believe in saving our pennies. You’ll find frugal living tips, personal finance information, and occasionally rampant sarcasm.

The tips in this blog are geared to people who are trying to survive and find ways to live happily on lower incomes. We don’t believe that the amount of money you make has anything to do with the joy you take in life, how charitable you can be, and the freedom you can have.

About Us
– a.b. (Mrs. Modern Tightwad)
Birthdate – 1981
Topics of Interest – Frugality, Debt Reduction & Personal Finance, Green Living, Small Space Living
Who am I? – I am what happens when a highly literate Marin County, CA bar owner marries the daughter of a socialite. After they have a daughter, the debutante turns into a hippie, and the child learns to roll her eyes very early on. While each of my familial generations had very little in common from the socio-economic perspective, they all were frugal, tried to be careful with their finances, but were generous wherever possible: modern tightwads.

I didn’t learn from the lessons around me, and through college managed to scrounge up some moderate debt. However, I was also fortunate enough to take a few writing classes and edit the newspaper for three blissful years. When I am able to put two thoughts together, I can pen them beautifully. I received my A.S. in Mathematics & Physical Science, but am currently on leave from completing my B.A. in Marketing Management. The best lesson I learned in college is if you’re going to spend money on a lifetime possession (like your education), make sure it’s something you love.

Like many others, I’m a mass of contradictions. I think like a business owner, care about the earth like a hippie, brawl like a barman, but take a nice cup of tea with my grandmother. For now I’m most content being at home with my husband and dog, writing about ways to make the life you love, the life you can afford.

MT hosts guests writers on occasion and posts their biography in the posting. If you are interested in submitting a guest post, please e-mail it to [email protected]

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