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Saving Money for a Down Payment

My husband and I are in the midst of attempting to save $40,000 over the next ten months, as we prepare to move back to my hometown and buy a house there. We are committed to putting down at least 20% on our next mortgage; we are also committed to buying a “forever” house, which… Continue Reading

Who Is Your Budget Role Model?

Now that my family and I have been living under our new monthly budget for a few weeks now, we’re starting to get in the swing of things. I’ve got Mint.com sending me all the text and email alerts I can handle (I could probably change my account settings to get fewer alerts, but at… Continue Reading

Budget Overload: When You Succeed at Budgeting

For the past few weeks, I’ve been taking you through my family’s process of reestablishing a monthly budget. When my husband and I sat down and calculated the numbers, we realized we’d done a pretty good job of living below our means. In fact, when all our monthly bills were paid – even after factoring… Continue Reading

My Family’s New Monthly Budget

I’ve kicked of 2013 by getting back to the basics of personal finance: reestablishing a monthly budget for my family. Over the past few weeks, I’ve explained how our old family budget got lost in the shuffle and how we recently started using Mint.com to track our finances. Now, I’m finally ready to unveil my… Continue Reading

Budgeting 101: Organizing Your Finances

One of the biggest reasons behind my family’s financial missteps over the past year – and probably the biggest factor that prevented us from getting started on a solid budget – was organizing our finances. Between my husband and I, we had seven jobs, six credit cards, three retirement accounts at two different brokerages, several… Continue Reading

Back to the Basics: Budgeting

I feel like a fraud. This month marks my first anniversary here on Modern Tightwad, a site that upholds the virtues of handling your money responsibly. And what’s one of the key tenets of responsibly handling your money? Why, budgeting, of course. And, for the past year, I haven’t had a monthly budget – or… Continue Reading

Sometimes Expenses are Guided by the Heart

by Andi B. Since we bought the house I’ve been ever so careful about expenses. We’ve had to purchase appliances, and both my husband and I felt it was important not to go crazy just because we bought a house. Horror stories abound regarding people who racked up tens of thousand in debt furnishing their… Continue Reading