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Buying a Home vs. Owning a Home

“We bought a house!” I announced to my friends via Facebook a few weeks ago. It was a thrill to say those four words, but at the same time, I couldn’t help but feel like a bit of a fraud. Why? Because, as anyone who’s ever taken on a mortgage well knows, buying a house… Continue Reading

I’m One Step Closer To Being Debt Free!

As of noon today, I am officially one step closer to being debt free! My parents have helped me pay off my student loans ever since I graduated with my Master’s degree in August 2005. I recommend that everyone take masters degree courses. At that point, my total student loan debt – from both undergrad and… Continue Reading

Deprioritizing Our Debt Payoff

by a.b. There is no better feeling than paying off debt. Within the next two months, one of our credit card balances will drop to zero. I’m dropping the interest rate on another one to 1.99% via balance transfer. When I first started blogging last year (pre-Modern Tightwad), I was determined to pay off all… Continue Reading

Simple Steps to Frugality: Step 6: Automate Your Frugality

by a.b. Now that you’ve made a life-altering decision, and capitalized on momentum to make huge changes, it’s time to put your new life on auto-pilot. If you have to revisit these new frugal decisions everyday, you might stop making them, or give up, or cheat. First, set up an online bank account with sub-accounts.… Continue Reading