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The Complicated Emotions of Selling Our House

I’ve been waiting for this moment – yearning for it, praying for it – for more than a year. After one failed attempt at selling our house, the idea of putting our house back on the market frankly terrified me. So, just two weeks after sticking a “for sale” sign in our yard for a second time, I… Continue Reading

Yakezie Swap: What would you do if you were homeless?

Image via Wikipedia This is a blog swap chain letter organized through the Yakezie network. There are 4 stops. Check out my post “A Homeless Plan to Guard Against Hopeless” at the next stop! The following is a blog-swap guest post by CT, who formerly co-created Broke Professionals and now blogs about his freelance business and blogging at FreelancePF.com;… Continue Reading

Which House Would You Buy?

by Andi B. My husband and I have been informed that we could start the journey to become homebuyers, well, today. I’ve been looking at many different homes and one of the things that has struck me is the lifestyle choice that occurs along with a home choice. Currently, we live in a 480 sf… Continue Reading

“Do Not Go Gently”

Things have been very stressful in the tightwad house. Between health, my folks foreclosure/bankruptcy and work, all I wanted to do was shove my head under the blankets. That’s exactly what I did. The universe is not an easy place, but sometimes I think it’s harder because I’m always fighting windmills. My refusal to go… Continue Reading

Mortgage Debt Wiped Out!

by a.b. In two separate cases in the past two months, borrowers have had their mortgages wiped out by judges that are taking a stand against what they see as terrible injustice. Issue 1: Can’t Prove ClaimThe last decades’ habit of parceling portions of mortgages into mortgage-backed securities is coming back to bite the banks… Continue Reading