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Eating Healthy: My Grocery Shopping Reboot

There was a time in the not too distant past when I did all my grocery shopping at Walmart. The reasons were twofold: first, Walmart was the closest grocery store to my house, so convenience played a big role; second, saving money was my main motivator, and no other store could beat their prices. But,… Continue Reading

Tightwad Meal: Asian Chicken Salad

Tonight was one of those nights where when my husband asked me what’s for dinner, I responded, “Chicken.” “Chicken and what?” “God knows. I defrosted the chicken and that’s as far as I’ve gotten.” So I combed through the cabinets and found: 1 package of Ramen 1 head of Cabbage 1 head of Lettuce 2… Continue Reading

Tightwad Turkey Classic

With Thanksgiving this week, I know many people have their set menus, so I thought I’d remind everyone of a post I wrote for Moolanomy called Turkey Recipes: Stretching Your Holiday Dollar with Turkey Leftovers. While I always loved having turkey with my family each year, I dreaded the days that followed. It is my… Continue Reading

Tightwad Meals: Potsticker Salad

by Andi B. One of my favorite dishes I ever had at a potluck was “Potsticker Salad.” It tasted delightful and was easily a full meal. 1 Package Potstickers 1 Large Bowl of Mixed Greens 1 Handful of Chopped Almonds 1 Bottle of Plum Sauce Dash of Rice Wine Vinegar Cook the potstickers according to… Continue Reading

Tightwad Meal: Chicken Scampi

This week’s tightwad meal can easily feed 4-6. It’s my cheap, fast version of shrimp scampi. Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast – $2.99/lb. Red, Yellow, Green Pepper – All three for $3.99 Onion – $1 Pasta – $0.99 Butter – Negligible/Pantry Garlic Powder – Negligible/Pantry Salt & Pepper – Negligible/Pantry White Wine – Optional Parmesan –… Continue Reading

MT Recipe: Try “Garbage Pizza”

We always have garbage soup. Even though it’s incredibly random based on whatever happens to be in the refrigerator, it’s started to always taste the same. While looking at bread machine recipes I stumbled on a great addition to the house…homemade pizza dough! Tonight we’re having “garbage pizza.” It will include what we currently have… Continue Reading