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Closet Confession: I’m A Small-Scale Hoarder

I realize that calling myself a “small-scale hoarder” is in itself an oxymoron. After all, pop culture tends to associate hoarding with reality TV shows that depict a typically sad, lonely, isolated person with mounds and mounds of stuff. I do not hoard on that level; in fact, people who know me think I’m the… Continue Reading

Do I Only Buy Items On Sale?

We were standing in line at the Walmart checkout when my daughter saw it – one of those push-button toys that light up and spin around. I knew what was coming next. “Mommy, can I have this?” she asked me in her sweetest voice. I could hear the doubt in her voice; she knew what… Continue Reading

My Latest Frugal Habit In The Kitchen

It started innocently enough – by accident, really. I don’t know who put the plastic spoon in the dishwasher – it could have easily been myself, my husband, or our daughter – but I know that when I saw it in there after I’d run a full loan, I merely shrugged my shoulders, decided it… Continue Reading