Putting the Stereotypical Notion of a Tightwad on its Tush

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Disney World’s Best Kept Secret

About a year and a half ago – after my family’s first trip to Walt Disney World – I wrote about the pros and cons of becoming Disney Vacation Club (DVC) members. Ultimately, the initial buy-in (at the time, roughly the price of a new, small sedan) proved to be too much, and my husband… Continue Reading

Kids’ Birthday Parties on a Budget

I went too far. As I stood in my front yard – which my husband and I had spray painted to resemble a miniature football field – and observed the 68 people swarming my 1/4-acre lot, I realized that perhaps I’d overdone my daughter’s birthday party. Her second birthday party. Going Overboard According to the… Continue Reading

Kids Consignment Sales: More For Less

“$32 for a sweater?” I nearly shouted during my last shopping excursion to the local mall. Sure, the sweater was cute: a bright green and yellow flower adorned the equally bold hot pink fabric, while white flower-shaped buttons topped it off. If the sweater was for me, I might not have had to pick my… Continue Reading

The Impact of Early Kindergarten

I’m an impatient person. While some people – like my husband – live by the phrase, “Why do today what you can put off til tomorrow?” I embrace the exact opposite perspective. I have a tough time procrastinating with just about anything I do, whether it be finishing a project for work days ahead of… Continue Reading