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My Secret Home Office

There is a room in our new house that nobody – and I mean nobody – is allowed to go in. It’s so important that nobody – not my husband, not my daughter, not my son – go in this room that I actually keep it locked when I’m not using it; why even leave… Continue Reading

Saving Money for a Down Payment

My husband and I are in the midst of attempting to save $40,000 over the next ten months, as we prepare to move back to my hometown and buy a house there. We are committed to putting down at least 20% on our next mortgage; we are also committed to buying a “forever” house, which… Continue Reading

How to Stop Digging that Financial Hole

Everybody in the personal finance world seems to know that step #1 to almost anything personal finance is to have an emergency fund.  But what do you do if you don’t have one yet, are living paycheck-to-paycheck, and need to get out of the hole before you dig it any deeper? You have two options: … Continue Reading

My Income Goals: Making Money Online

A few months ago, as my husband and I were busy gathering all our paperwork for our 2011 tax returns, I nearly had a panic attack. The numbers just weren’t adding up. While our monthly income had exceeded our expenditures for every month but one in 2011, we were facing a two-headed monster that I… Continue Reading

Yakezie Swap: What would you do if you were homeless?

Image via Wikipedia This is a blog swap chain letter organized through the Yakezie network. There are 4 stops. Check out my post “A Homeless Plan to Guard Against Hopeless” at the next stop! The following is a blog-swap guest post by CT, who formerly co-created Broke Professionals and now blogs about his freelance business and blogging at FreelancePF.com;… Continue Reading

Frugal Business Cents (Pun Intended)

I feel like I’m always apologizing for my absence these days, but at least now I have a happy excuse. I’m starting a business. Lately, I’d been getting burned out on cutting expenses, mainly because we couldn’t cut anymore. There comes a point where the budget can’t trim anymore without starvation or mental saturation. Sometimes,… Continue Reading

I got a “free” gift card!

by a.b. So I’ve used MyPoints for about a year now. I don’t ever do a lot of online shopping, so most of my experience with these rewards programs is just clicking through on the e-mails, getting 5 “points” for each. Low and behold, I accumulated enough for a $50 Target Gift Card. I buy… Continue Reading