Putting the Stereotypical Notion of a Tightwad on its Tush

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Which House Would You Buy?

by Andi B. My husband and I have been informed that we could start the journey to become homebuyers, well, today. I’ve been looking at many different homes and one of the things that has struck me is the lifestyle choice that occurs along with a home choice. Currently, we live in a 480 sf… Continue Reading

The Tea That Binds

Tea is one of my most sustaining moments of any day. It connects me to so many moments from my past, and I know it connects me to my future. I remember my Dad every morning drinking a cup of Lipton tea out of his personal mug. I’d know he was awake by the sound… Continue Reading

Is Debt Greater Than Love?

The way debt and relationships intertwine is something that continues to plague, concern, or confuse us all. Some people believe the situation would always be black and white, while others always see grey. Today, Moolanomy posted an article I wrote titled: “Is Your Debt a Relationship Killer?” It explores the deeper issues that collapse a… Continue Reading

“Do Not Go Gently”

Things have been very stressful in the tightwad house. Between health, my folks foreclosure/bankruptcy and work, all I wanted to do was shove my head under the blankets. That’s exactly what I did. The universe is not an easy place, but sometimes I think it’s harder because I’m always fighting windmills. My refusal to go… Continue Reading

I’m a Tightwad, Not a Jerk

Apparently Reader’s Digest thinks I’m an ass. In May, they did an article and survey entitled Frugal or Tightwad? As a society we have this image of a tightwad as some geriatric jerk, huddled in a homemade shanty, figuring out how he can screw the Care Bears out of Christmas, all because he wasn’t hugged… Continue Reading

Goodwill and good riddance!

I must say I’ve been inspired by Frugal Babe’s decluttering. So much so that when we did all the laundry today, we decided to go through our closets. We managed to fill two large kitchen garbage bags with clothes and shoes for Goodwill. I might have been able to sell a few items on ebay,… Continue Reading