Putting the Stereotypical Notion of a Tightwad on its Tush

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Ways You Can Save Money in College

Oftentimes it’s hard to fight a stereotype, and a well known one is that of the poor college student. Of course, the expense of receiving a college education is skyrocketing with inflation barely able to keep up (in fact, inflation has been outpaced for decades) thereby fueling the stereotype’s legitimacy. But if you’re interested in… Continue Reading

Frugal Emergency Kit: First Aid

In a crisis, bad will go worse. For this, we have first aid Kits. A fully furnished first aid kit bought at a store can be pricey. There are many ways to stock an excellent kit, without spending your bank account. First, know what you’ll need. Clark County, NV recommends your kit contain the following:… Continue Reading

Shopping Around for Car Insurance

Normally, I love shopping. Whether I’m shopping online or browsing the racks at my favorite boutique, I enjoy the experience of retail therapy when my budget allows. And then there’s shopping for car insurance. I feel that shopping around for the best insurance rates is one of the many duties of a responsible adult. And,… Continue Reading


With any luck there will be a sequel to this post called moving. In the meantime, we’re saving money on packing by:Using moving and packing supplies that were given to usUsing shredded junk mail for packing when neededThrowing out things that we don’t need Also, having to live out of boxes reminds us how little… Continue Reading

Setting Aside Fear

Image via Wikipedia by Andi B. So I’m thrilled to announce that we will be owners of a house soon. Due to constant unforeseen occurences that keep popping up we don’t know when, but it should be in the next couple weeks. I’ve actually been more than a little nervous because of upcoming expenses. We… Continue Reading