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Saving on a Wedding: Dollar Store

Image via Wikipedia by Andi B. According to the knot, the average cost of a 150-person wedding in the United States is $25,000. Saving on a Wedding is our series on how to have a beautiful wedding on a tightwad budget. Yesterday I was with a friend, shopping for wedding supplies at the Dollar Tree.… Continue Reading

Would it be Cheaper?

by Andi B. So my husband and I have started the househunting journey. My husband’s excited, and I’m having panic attacks and nightmares. Last night I had three separate dreams where I was househunting on a space station, in an underwater ocean colony, and in the middle of nowhere. Each time I found nothing. The… Continue Reading

Financial Success Starts With Saving

For many of us, saving money is easier said than done. Even when we start making more money, we often still find ourselves broke and in debt. Why? Interestingly, studies have shown that being in debt actually has little to do with our paycheck and more to do with our willingness to adjust and our… Continue Reading

Using Holiday Gift Cards to Discount Your Year

by Andi B. I’m a huge fan of gift cards. I’m an even bigger fan of holiday gift card sales. Many restaurants, retailers, and service providers are selling gift certificates/cards at a discount. If you can stock up on these sales now, it offers you a year-long discount on purchases you would already make. What’s… Continue Reading

Successful Bartering

Today I have been downloading “apps” I think my husband would like for his new ipod touch. I should say it’s “new to him.” I’ve very much wanted to do something like this for a while, but there was no way we could afford an ipod anything while we’re trying to pay down debt. What… Continue Reading

Frugal Business Cents (Pun Intended)

I feel like I’m always apologizing for my absence these days, but at least now I have a happy excuse. I’m starting a business. Lately, I’d been getting burned out on cutting expenses, mainly because we couldn’t cut anymore. There comes a point where the budget can’t trim anymore without starvation or mental saturation. Sometimes,… Continue Reading