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Croatia – European Union’s 28th member

    In a fortnight’s time Croatia will have taken its place as the European Union’s 28th member. Hrvatska Narodna Banka Governor Boris Vujcic reiterated last week his belief that the country should join the join the common currency area “as soon as possible” because the kuna already tracks the euro and almost three quarters… Continue Reading

Why You Should Obtain a Legal Living Trust

In 2012, nearlly 2.5 million people died without having signed a living trust or will beforehand, according to Forbes. Even though these types of legal documents may seem completely insignificant to people who are still living, it is of the utmost importance to families that have lost their loved ones in death. There are some… Continue Reading

Foreign Forays For The Frugal

Just because you are a student on a budget, that doesn’t mean your holidays have to be limited to long car trips in your local city. Some careful planning can help you find incredible international destinations, and many of them offer hostel accommodation, local food, and amazing attractions for less than what a night out… Continue Reading

Fixed Rate Business Gas: What’s the Score?

Any business owner will know that keeping their overheads as low as possible is one sure-fire way of seeing profits and an increased turnover. While some outgoings are unavoidable, such as the rent of the premises, others can be reduced if you have a little know-how and can make a huge difference to your monthly… Continue Reading

Back to basics: budgeting the food shop

A supermarket’s job is to make us spend as much as possible – they are able to do this by placing attractive products in strategic positions in and around the store. Years of market research has turned the humble supermarket into a empire of consumerism – from tasty smells and enticing promotions to magazines and… Continue Reading

The New Home Mortgage Insurance Relief Package

The recovery from the housing crash four years ago makes home insurance all the more important if you are a homeowner struggling to keep up with the mortgage payments.  Federal housing agencies such as Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are offering relief packages for homeowners who now owe more on their homes than the properties… Continue Reading

Spains Exciting PortAventura Theme Park

PortAventura is Spain’s most celebrated around the world subject stop spotted in Salou, Catalonia, and has very nearly 4 million guests yearly. Provided that you’ve been dreaming of an occasion that you’ll never overlook, PortAventura is the ideal objective for you. This astounding stop comprises of six distinctive regions that are planned to take guests… Continue Reading

Budgeting: Managing Money

  It’s very easy to talk about ‘budgeting’ or to tell someone to ‘budget’ various finances into consideration, but what does it exactly involve? Saving money is, at the best of times, easier said than done. Here are a number of tips and information that should prove useful for anyone seeking to better manage their… Continue Reading