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Food inflation – Is it on the way?

by Andi B.

I was listening to mp3s of a morning radio show when this struck my ear: Rob, Arnie, and Dawn – Rising Food Prices.
So would you pay $11 for an ear of corn? How would you handle food price inflation? Do you think growing your own food, or entering food cooperatives will help? What about farmer’s markets? Do you think food price inflation will hit small local proprietors in the same way it might large chains?

3 Responses to Food inflation – Is it on the way?

  1. The ground in front of the house and behind it would all be new farmland. My biology degree would go to work quick time!

  2. I'm lucky because my mom has a big garden. Our food costs go way down in the summer. I'm always amazed at how much I spend on food. I guess my goal is to cut out other expenses as much as possible so that my family would never have to go hungry. I'd rather cut my cable and have another $72 to spend on food if that's what it'd come down to. I'd probably also change the types of foods I ate. I'd make bean dishes more often, stop buying meat, etc.

  3. @Sandy: Biology degree?! I know who I'm coming to for advice when it starts to jump!

    @First Gen: I remember growing up we had a huge garden, and the fruit always tasted better. The main thing I'm looking forward to when we get a house is having a fruit trees and an herb garden. But I agree, food comes first. And when we have less, it's amazing how creative we get.

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