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Is Black Friday all it’s cracked up to be?

Black Friday (1940 film)
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Each year I consider going out shopping in Black Friday. I’ve done the 5 a.m. shopper insanity thing once, but it wasn’t about the shopping, it was about the fun people I was shopping with. Now that it’s more of a Black Friday weekend of pretty good deals, and you have to brave mobs, pepper spray, panicked security guards, and more, is it really worth it?

For the past few years, I’ve decided “H-E-to the Double Hockey Sticks NO!” Saving money isn’t about going bat poop crazy one day of the year to be one of 200 people that gets a screaming deal; it’s about making wise purchases all year round. Truthfully, I didn’t see that many great deals this year (maybe I was looking in the wrong ads), but I had a much better time relaxing with my family, then I would have out among the retailpocalypse.

How was your weekend?

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2 Responses to Is Black Friday all it’s cracked up to be?

  1. My wife and daughter went shopping on Black Friday and returned with nothing. They went back out on Saturday and spent less than $50.

  2. @krantcents: I know, I was pretty surprised. I was talking to a girl at the checkout counter of my local grocery store and when I asked her if she got any deals, she said she got a stereo system at a higher price than I would pay at a discount outlet. It just didn't seem worth it.

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