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Prairie Eco-Thrifter Interview

This Monday we’re interviewing Miss T from Prairie Eco-Thrifter. Miss T is a “prairie-raised woman” who blogs passionately about saving money and environmentally friendly choices. After reading our interview, why don’t you head on over to Prairie Eco-Thrifter to check out her story and our favorite post of the week, The Benefits of Being a Gardner.
1. What blog/website do you read most often?
This is tough to answer. I subscribe to 50+ blogs and try to get through each post each week. If I have to pick a few favourites, they would be Frugal Dad, Simple Bites, The Simple Dollar, Get Rich Slowly and Canadian Finance Blog.
2. What made you start writing? Particularly in personal finance?
Honestly, I still ask myself this question. I think it all started once I got married. My husband is a financial guru and has always been very good with his money. He has read almost all of the top personal finance books. Since we got married, I began to share that same passion with him. I took an interest in learning different strategies. I also started to track how I spent my money better. One thing led to another and now I can’t stop reading or learning things on the subject. Then, being the collaborative extrovert that I am, I decided to start a blog and see if I could help others and be of some value. Any tip I learn or try I share with my readers in a post. So far, it has been a positive experience.
3. What is your favorite post that you’ve written and why?
I think one of my favourite posts has been Keeping Yourself Grounded. I like it because it shares what I have learned during my own personal growth process. It outlines what really matters in life and what we should all concentrate our energy on. Essentially, it’s a list of principles to live by that can apply to any facet in one’s life- finance, family, relationships, etc. I felt really good writing this post because I thought it might really help some people stay strong and feel encouraged during a difficult time.
4. What are the connections you see between green living and debt reduction?
I think they go hand in hand. I have really developed an interest lately in green living and it is amazing how much money you save. We now make all of our own cleaning products as well as body care products. I feel healthier, cleaner, and more attached to mother earth. Plus our household expenses have gone down as a result.
5. How do you feel about frugality in today’s society?
Frugality in today’s society is a challenge, a mighty challenge. We are constantly bombarded with images and visions of the perfect life that cost tens of thousands of dollars to achieve. Today’s society is all about impression and in my opinion often superficial. Few people seem to have any depth these days or care about things that really matter like being genuine, loyal, and honest. I applaud anyone and everyone who has embarked on the frugal trail. It takes courage to stand up and be different. I hope that in due time, society will make a switch and we can go back to the time when life was simple and only the real important things actually mattered.
6. Do you have a favorite cheap eat to share?
…We eat a lot of produce in our house. We grow our own in the summer as well as participate in a CSA. This allows us to build a stockpile for the winter which saves us money on groceries. We also eat a lot of legumes, pulses, and lentils. They are cheap to buy and very nutritious. We also cook at home a lot. If we want bread, we bake it. We eat dinner at home every night and we even have friends over for potlucks. Eating well and cheap does not need to be a lot of work or complicated, you just need to get organized in the beginning.
7. Do you have a favorite money saving tip or practice that you use?
I guess my favourite money tip would be to do as much as you can at home. Workout at home and save money on the gym. Cook at home and save money on dining out. Entertain at home and save money on going out.
8. Looking back on your financial life, if you had to do it all over again, is there any one thing you’d like to do over? Or one thing you believe was a pivotal moment?
I wish I could have been better with my finances when I was younger.My husband and I are still quite young and we are on a great track but I could have added so much more if I had made better decisions in the past. I guess the one good thing is, I can now try to help others and stop them from making the same mistakes I did. I use my blog as one way to do this.
9. And just for fun, if you could be any superhero based on their alter ego, what would you be? (Because we all know Peter Parker and Clark Kent spent more time as themselves than walking around as superheroes.)
I think I would have to say, Spiderman. I guess he just always seemed so genuine and was more concerned about helping people that building his ego. I thought he was a great role model.

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