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Setting Aside Fear

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by Andi B.

So I’m thrilled to announce that we will be owners of a house soon. Due to constant unforeseen occurences that keep popping up we don’t know when, but it should be in the next couple weeks. I’ve actually been more than a little nervous because of upcoming expenses.

We currently live in a 500 sf studio and are moving into a 1200 sf house. While I love the simplicity of our lifestyle it doesn’t allow us to entertain, and I’d love to have friends over. Our space has also limited the possessions we can acquire. Looking at the new house, I know we’ll be needing a dining table and chairs, a couch, a guest bed, a refrigerator, and more. In fact, due to space constraints, we’ve haven’t had a toaster or microwave for over two years. I plan to get as much as I can off of the free section of craigslist or through freecycle, but some items will need to be purchased.

Last night I decided to take the dog out to potty at 11:30 PM when I realized he probably had to go, even though he hadn’t asked. It was odd…I’m not usually that generous and I make my husband do it. One of our favorite neighbors was moving out this week, and was throwing things away in the dumpster. We said our goodbyes and then she asked, “Hey do you need a microwave?”
“Actually, we do.”
“Yeah, how much would you like for it?”
“Um, free.”
“Yeah, I’d rather see it go to a good home, come on up and get it.”
I thanked her when I came upstairs to get the gorgeous microwave that now sits in my living room, waiting to make its journey to the new house. It’s saving us $100, and it’s helping me to mitigate my fears. I’m not going to have to empty my bank account for creature comforts. Everything’s going to be okay.

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5 Responses to Setting Aside Fear

  1. Congrats on the new home. My wife and I moved into our home about a year ago and it was definitely exciting but SCARY. All the new costs were a little overwhelming at times. But totally worth it. It is cool that somebody else's generousity eased your fears a bit! Best of luck. Found you through Festival of Frugality!

  2. Microwaves are one of last century's greatest inventions! I used to always forget to get the dang meat out of the freezer for supper, now – not a problem.

    Be careful in expanding your 'stuff' it grows in the corners and takes over your life!

  3. Congratulations!! Owning a new home is always exciting, but also an overwhelming process. When we moved into our condo two years ago, we were very happy and at the same time were little scared about the additional expenses that come along, like buying furniture, mattress for guest bedroom, etc. We made a list of things we needed – 1 being the priority and 10 being the least. Instead of buying all at once, we bought one item each month. Thais way, we were able to stay within our budget and filled the house with good stuff.

  4. Wow double upgrade! 500sqft is pretty small for even one person so I'm glad you guys are moving up. Congrats! — LaTisha

  5. I love free things! Congrats on the microwave. When my husband and I first married, we had 700sq feet and 1 infant and 1 cat. It was tight…now we have around 2000…but we added 2 more kids, the cat has new digs elsewhere.

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