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The Strangest Things Make Me Happy

by Andi B.

So today I realized grocery shopping makes me happy. Who knew? I’ve been incredibly stressed out with house hunting, preparing to launch Meal Plan Rescue, and once the dog puked on the carpet I had to get out of the house. Luckily, I needed to grocery shopping. As I walked back and forth through the aisles I felt an odd sense of calm. Everything around me was going crazy, but everything started to coalesce from random aisles and sales into meals and days and evenings with friends. I didn’t even really care that I got a wedgie on the second aisle.
Luckily the grocery store buzz lasted through when I got home and discovered the garbage disposal broke and the sink was backing up. It’s been a day, to say the least.
I wonder what other random things make people happy.

3 Responses to The Strangest Things Make Me Happy

  1. That's funny, I actually love grocery shopping too. Maybe because it's the one activity I get to do absolutely alone.

    The other random thing that makes me happy is cleaning out a cupboard. There's such a sense of accomplishment once it's done. I can only handle one at a time though. 🙂

  2. Funny I just posted today about my anxiety levels increasing while grocery shopping due to the prices rising for vegetables. However, I was soothed while at Costco as the prices haven't risen (yet) and I was able to get the vegetables I usually get there for the same price.

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