Putting the Stereotypical Notion of a Tightwad on its Tush

Tightwad Turkey Classic

With Thanksgiving this week, I know many people have their set menus, so I thought I’d remind everyone of a post I wrote for Moolanomy called Turkey Recipes: Stretching Your Holiday Dollar with Turkey Leftovers.

While I always loved having turkey with my family each year, I dreaded the days that followed. It is my firm belief that the reason turkey is primarily consumed at only three times of year (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter) is that the thought of more than three weeks of turkey leftovers per year turns the average American’s stomach. It doesn’t have to be this way though! One of the primary reasons turkey leftovers get boring is because you end up eating the same meal every day for a week. Trying a few of the following recipes will use up your leftovers, and give your palate a kick.

Read more: http://www.moolanomy.com/2167/turkey-recipes-stretch-your-holiday-dollar-with-turkey-leftovers-ablack03/#ixzz16AbAGRvm

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  1. Last year I realized that I always found turkey breast meat to be somewhat dry, or at least somewhat bland without gravy. So I cut it all up and froze it in small portions to be used for making chili. It would also be good thrown into a homemade soup.
    That was the first turkey I cooked for myself as a non-Thanksgiving production. I, too, had my "set menu" in mind and thought I shouldn't roast the bird unless I could do it the "right" way. Finally realized um, no, I'm a grownup and can do it any way I like. That resulted in a post called "Dr. Demento and the desecrated turkey." If it's kosher to post URLs, here it is:

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