Putting the Stereotypical Notion of a Tightwad on its Tush

Ways You Can Save Money in College

Oftentimes it’s hard to fight a stereotype, and a well known one is that of the poor college student. Of course, the expense of receiving a college education is skyrocketing with inflation barely able to keep up (in fact, inflation has been outpaced for decades) thereby fueling the stereotype’s legitimacy. But if you’re interested in… Continue Reading

Eating Healthy: My Grocery Shopping Reboot

There was a time in the not too distant past when I did all my grocery shopping at Walmart. The reasons were twofold: first, Walmart was the closest grocery store to my house, so convenience played a big role; second, saving money was my main motivator, and no other store could beat their prices. But,… Continue Reading

Moving On Up: How to Pay for Relocating

Whether you’re searching for a job in a new locale or are hoping to move up and away with your current company, moving for work can be an expensive experience. How much it’s all going to cost is definitely worth considering when you’re trying to decide whether or not to take a new position elsewhere,… Continue Reading

Flash Sale Sites and My Personal Rant

Several months ago, my boss and I found ourselves in a posh NYC restaurant for a business dinner. She was wearing an amazing dress and shoes that looked like they cost a fortune. “Where’d you get those?” I asked with my mouth half-full of orzo pasta (bad manners, I know), gesturing to her shoes. I expected… Continue Reading