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Flash Sale Sites and My Personal Rant

Several months ago, my boss and I found ourselves in a posh NYC restaurant for a business dinner. She was wearing anĀ amazing dress and shoes that looked like they cost a fortune. “Where’d you get those?” I asked with my mouth half-full of orzo pasta (bad manners, I know), gesturing to her shoes. I expected… Continue Reading

Facebook: The New Craigslist?

I don’t know about you, but Craigslist has always given me the creeps. Sure, I’ve been able to sell some stuff on there – most notably, a very well-used breast pump for a tiny fraction of what I paid for it – but for the most part, I’ve avoided the site like the plague. Headlines… Continue Reading

When Buying Quality Counts

I spent 45 minutes in Target last week staring at a pair of $29.99 ballet flats (that’s shoes, for my male readers), asking myself, “Can I afford these?” 45 minutes of my life. Wasted. On shoes. (Cute shoes, but shoes nonetheless.) Dollars and cents-wise, I could have purchased them and not batted an eye. But… Continue Reading