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What I’m Giving Up for Lent

Each year around this time, people start to ask me what I’m giving up for Lent. It’s a standard question for a Catholic gal living in a heavily Catholic part of the country. Unfortunately, I rarely have a good answer for them. Over the last several years I’ve given up: Alcohol. I did this twice…… Continue Reading

5 Sneaky Ways to Add to Your 401(k)

Let’s be honest: in some ways, contributing to your retirement account is a drain. When I started my new job, the first few weeks I had a huge paycheck; after all, my health insurance and 401(k) had yet to kick in, so other than taxes, I wasn’t losing any of my earnings to a third… Continue Reading

Using Holiday Gift Cards to Discount Your Year

by Andi B. I’m a huge fan of gift cards. I’m an even bigger fan of holiday gift card sales. Many restaurants, retailers, and service providers are selling gift certificates/cards at a discount. If you can stock up on these sales now, it offers you a year-long discount on purchases you would already make. What’s… Continue Reading

Are you loaning the IRS money?

by Andi B. Since I recently reacquired employee status, I had to fill out my W-4 to determine how much would be pulled from my paycheck. It’s a simple exercise, but something most people set and forget. I make sure that I give the IRS only what they require. A lot of people I know… Continue Reading