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Sometimes Expenses are Guided by the Heart

by Andi B. Since we bought the house I’ve been ever so careful about expenses. We’ve had to purchase appliances, and both my husband and I felt it was important not to go crazy just because we bought a house. Horror stories abound regarding people who racked up tens of thousand in debt furnishing their… Continue Reading

Setting Aside Fear

Image via Wikipedia by Andi B. So I’m thrilled to announce that we will be owners of a house soon. Due to constant unforeseen occurences that keep popping up we don’t know when, but it should be in the next couple weeks. I’ve actually been more than a little nervous because of upcoming expenses. We… Continue Reading

Yakezie Swap: What would you do if you were homeless?

Image via Wikipedia This is a blog swap chain letter organized through the Yakezie network. There are 4 stops. Check out my post “A Homeless Plan to Guard Against Hopeless” at the next stop! The following is a blog-swap guest post by CT, who formerly co-created Broke Professionals and now blogs about his freelance business and blogging at FreelancePF.com;… Continue Reading

The Strangest Things Make Me Happy

by Andi B. So today I realized grocery shopping makes me happy. Who knew? I’ve been incredibly stressed out with house hunting, preparing to launch Meal Plan Rescue, and once the dog puked on the carpet I had to get out of the house. Luckily, I needed to grocery shopping. As I walked back and… Continue Reading

Would it be Cheaper?

by Andi B. So my husband and I have started the househunting journey. My husband’s excited, and I’m having panic attacks and nightmares. Last night I had three separate dreams where I was househunting on a space station, in an underwater ocean colony, and in the middle of nowhere. Each time I found nothing. The… Continue Reading