Putting the Stereotypical Notion of a Tightwad on its Tush

Expense vs. Cost

by Andi B.

I drink so much tea my middle name should be oolong. As I’ve stated before I come from a long line of tea drinkers. I’m also absent minded. My mother has literally melted a tea kettle to the stove before and I’m not much better. When we moved I had to get rid of my old tea kettle, so we’ve had a few touch and go moments at the new house when I was boiling water in a small pot and forgot about it. Luckily the dog is as paranoid that I’ll burn down the house as I was about my mother, so he alerts me to the stove I forgot.

I wanted to treat myself to a Keurig coffee maker. Many of my friends have one and it is such a treat! But I know I won’t spend the money on those tiny coffee cups. We were at a local discount store and I saw exactly what I wanted, an electric kettle with automatic shut off. Pure heaven. Best, at the outlet center, our kettle was only $15!

In the long run, I would burn down the house in pursuit of a cup of tea if I did not purchase that kettle. $15 is well worth the value of my home. Sometimes it’s interesting when you way expense vs. cost.

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  1. It is not exactly funny how we justify spending money! Do we really need to spend so much to live reasonably? I live a relatively comfortable lifestyle very happily.

  2. I agree justification is a very slippery slope. Unfortunately, I guarantee I will burn down the house or at least the kitchen without some interference. This was most definitely a case of frugality over tightwadding. I saw a great deal that would fill my need so I wouldn't keep lusting after something that was just an excuse for product waste and money down the drain.

    But it is interesting to think about what comfort means to each of us as individuals and how that factors into our spending. Shoot, I feel a post coming on. 😉

  3. What about that kettle that sits on its own little stand. Push a button it heats up the water quickly then shuts off. That way no worry about burning the house down. I love those things and really want one. I've burnt a kettle before so now I have a thing that heats up about two cups of water at a time and then shuts off. The Keurig freaks me out. It just seems so wasteful to me. However, my cousin has one at her job and I did enjoy the easy of use.

  4. @Junebug: That's exactly what I got. It's a 2L kettle, heats up super quick and has an automatic shutoff. I couldn't bring myself to spend the money on the Keurig, but I certainly won't stop using the cool toy at my friends! 🙂

  5. Not burning the house down is worth every penny! (I forget stuff like that too, but just set a timer if I leave the room with water boiling.)

  6. I wanted a keurig too, but like you, I KNOW I'd never buy those over-priced little cups!! They're just so expensive! I think you made the right choice!

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